I Felt Overwhelmed

I Felt Overwhelmed

I was looking for some high quality research reports across a broad range of industries.  I needed a large collection of highly credible information for different projects I was working on.  Having the right information to draw the appropriate conclusions would make the difference between successfully securing contracts and investment, or getting a polite, “no thanks”.

In one, I needed Energy, Oil and Gas and Clean Technology. In another, Healthcare, Government, Food and Agriculture.  And a third was in Consumer Goods, Automotive and General Business.  This sounds like a daunting task, and that’s how I felt, a bit overwhelmed.

Research reports, SWOT analyses, and up-to-date information on market trends were, of course, critical pieces of putting together a plan and analysis.  Of course I was working under very tight deadlines and did not have time to waste.  I didn’t have time to vett sources in a million places to ensure that the information was reliable.  I needed someone to provide that for me and give me confidence going forward in making decisions.

Unbiased research and SWOT analysis and a source growing in real-time, every day with updated information, that’s all I’m asking for!  It seems that I may have been asking for a lot, but that was my wish-list. Let me add to the mix a capability to do on-demand report authoring to save me vast amounts of time and make my life a bit easier for a change!

Well, I didn’t have to create such a resource nor bemoan unfulfilled dreams.  I found what I needed when a colleague introduced me to Global Market Analyst.

Global Market Analyst contains over 100,000 market research reports across a broad range of industries and the collection is growing on a daily basis. In addition, the powerful online tools let you search and filter results in order to get accurate results in minimum time. It also works with renowned publishing partners in order to provide accurate research data and analysis. (You can browse the reports via the industry tabs on the website at:  www.globalmarketanalyst.com

Innovative thinking and new ways of approaching issues based on data and analysis at the company, country, and industry levels including competitors, valuations, trends, forecasts, and analytics can be found from Global Market Analyst.

GMA provided what I needed to put together fantastic analysis and proposals that were both very impressive and successful in securing new business and building new partnerships.

To say that I was very happy to have found this resource is an understatement. In a small celebration after the successful proposals, I started to think to myself, “This is brilliant. I was dreaming about a resource like this and that dream was fulfilled.” So, thinking that I might be on some kind of a ‘cosmic roll’ with dream fulfillment, I am now trying to dream about owning my own tropical island, 100 meter yacht, etc., etc. I’ll let you know how this goes…